Zen Open Circle Events

Upcoming special events: 

Sydney Practice Days

Monthly Sydney practice days include meditation, a talk by Roshi Susan Murphy, discussion and a shared lunch. All comers very welcome.

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin


Traditional seven day Zen retreats and shorter gatherings, held throughout the year at our Cloud Mountain Zendo, are a chance to develop and deepen practice

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

Zen Corners

Zen Corners, our member driven gatherings and projects, include study groups, sittings at members’ homes, social action, arts days, or shared rituals.

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

Beginning Zen

Our Beginning Zen courses, held several times a year and our introductory online modules offer a starting point for people new to Zen

The important thing that we do in each other’s company is discover more profoundly who we really are…And of course by that very fact we open up the same possibility for those whose company we share. We are here to learn to shine our spirit.  Like every sentient being, we are star stuff – so why not live up to that?

Roshi Susan Murphy

An Australian Zen Community

The Zen Open Circle began 15 years ago as a group meeting on a Sydney Verandah. Since then ZOC has grown into a diverse community with members across Australia.

We are a community that comes together to explore Zen practice under the guidance of Roshi Susan Murphy. We hold regular sitting days, annual retreats, and offer beginning zen courses.

Zen Open Circle invites you to join us at one of our upcoming events.


“The teisho of the actual body is the harbour and weir, where human eyes gather… This is the most important thing in the world.” Dogen

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that every place we walk, sit down, drink, eat breathe and sleep within this continent Australia is not a ‘thing’ but country – a lived mystery of the sentient kinship that creates every detail of place, held in mind and tended by the tens of thousands of generations of people who walk before and with us.  We just accept our indebtedness to them, past, present and future, with respect and gratitude for this 60,000-year deep tap-root in time and refined awareness.



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