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“the intrinsic clarity that arises when people collaborate.”


Zen Open Circle began as a group meeting on a Sydney Verandah and has grown into a diverse community with members across Australia.

At the heart of all Zen practice is a radical experience of community, what beloved Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh calls interbeing, a sense that we are interdependent with and interpenetrated by one another and the “10,000 things” that make up the vastness of the world.

At Zen Open Circle we come together in various ways, as spiritual friends, to nourish that intrinsic sense of oneness: to discover what John Tarrant Roshi calls “the intrinsic clarity that arises when people collaborate.”

Our Mandala of Practice (Coming soon)

The threads and themes of our practice…

History of ZOC

A biography of this sangha…

Our lineage (coming soon)

Our ancestors in this practice…

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