Zen Retreats


Traditional seven day Zen retreats and shorter gatherings, held throughout the year at our Cloud Mountain Zendo, are a chance to develop and deepen practice.

Seven days of silent retreat follow a traditional monastic schedule of early rising, settling into many hours of zazen and walking meditation, interspersed with period of rest, work practice such as food preparation or cleaning, and supported by regular contact with the teacher in private interview and Dharma talks.

Cloud Mountain Zendo, situated in beautiful, mountainous rainforest country on the north-eastern rim of Kangaroo Valley, eight minutes from Berry township and railway station, two hours south of Sydney, is our regular retreat venue. We also sit sesshin from time to time at Kodoji temple in the Upper Macdonald River area.

‘I came to realize that mind is no other than mountain and rivers and the great earth, the sun, the moon and the stars.’ (Dogen)


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