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An invitation to practice with us


We invite you to join us in our practice.

Newcomers to Zen, or visitors from other sangha’s are always welcome at any of our events.

If you would like to visit Zen Open Circle, have a look at our Calendar or explore the different events and programs listed below. If you have any questions about your first visit, please get in touch through our connect page.

Sydney Practice Days

Monthly Sydney practice days include meditation, a talk by Roshi Susan Murphy, discussion and a shared lunch. All comers very welcome.

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin


Traditional seven day Zen retreats and shorter gatherings, held throughout the year at our Cloud Mountain Zendo, are a chance to develop and deepen practice

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

Zen Corners

Zen Corners, our member driven gatherings and projects, include study groups, sittings at members’ homes, social action, arts days, or shared rituals.

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

Beginning Zen

Our Beginning Zen courses, held several times a year and our introductory online modules offer a starting point for people new to Zen

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

The Digital Dharma

Photo from ZOC 2015 Sesshin

Real-to-real Zen film festival

(Coming Soon) Our wonderous film festival dedicated to films that touch into our practice.

On the great road of buddha ancestors there is always unsurpassable practice, continuous and sustained. It forms the circle of the way and is never cut off. Between aspiration, practice, enlightenment and nirvana, there is not a moment’s gap.

Continuous practice is the circle of the way.

This being so, continuous practice is unstained, not forced by you or others. The power of continuous practice confirms you as well as others. It means your practice affects the entire earth and the entire sky in the ten directions. Although not noticed by others or by yourself, it is so.


Regional and Affiliated Practice Groups

Melbourne Zen Group
Castlemaine (VIC)
Western Australian Zen Group
Cloud Mountain Sitting Group

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