Zen Foundations 2018: A one day introduction to Zen practice with Susan Murphy Roshi / March 4, 2018, Sydney

Are you curious about Zen Buddhism but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you are a Zen student seeking to deepen your practice? 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn about the Foundations of Zen practice first-hand from an inspiring and widely published Zen teacher


Date and time: March 4, 2018 / Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm
Venue: Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre, 90 Church St, Camperdown
Cost: Early bird (extended to February 24): $100 / $70 concession OR After February 24:  $130 / $100 concession
Registration: Click here to register


Program Overview


This day is designed to ground you in the rudiments of Zen practice.

Over the day you will get to understand and begin to explore the two major streams of Zen practice and learn about posture, breath-based open awareness, koan introspection, ethics, the teacher-student relationship, and opportunities for further practice. You will encounter long-time Zen students and learn how Zen supports and enriches everyday life.

‘Shoshin’ (J.), usually translated as ‘Beginner’s Mind’, points to the mind unclouded by preconceptions, an open and eager mind unconcerned with ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’. 

Designed to give you a firm grounding in Zen, this short course will benefit both Zen newcomers taking their first steps in practice, and seasoned practitioners intimate with their own shoshin.  

The Program

What is Zen and where did it come from?
9.30-9.45 – Gather, greet and meet
9.45-10.45 – A brief history of Zen

What is Zazen and how do you practice it?
11.15-12:00 – The Basics: Posture, breath awareness, breath counting, walking meditation, dojo etiquette
12-12.30 – Radical acceptance (guided meditation
12.30-1:)0 – Dogen and the practice of Shikantaza (‘just sitting’)

1pm Lunch break  + (optional 30-minute demonstration of formal dojo ‘roles’)

What are Zen koans and how do you practice with them?
2-2.30 – Not-knowing is most intimate (guided meditation)
2.30-3.15  – Exploring the Zen koan

What is a Zen practice and how does it shape daily life?
3.45-4.30 – Skilled in goodness’: The Precepts, Great Vows, taking refuge in the ‘three treasures’
4.30-5:00 – The teacher-student relationship; membership; further practice
5-5.30 – Final debrief over formally-served tea.


Early bird (ends February 24): $100 / $70 concession
After February 24:  $130 / $100 concession
(Cost includes class booklet ‘Beginning Zen’)

Limited places available – ensure your place before February 1, 2018

Registration: Click here to register

Please contact gassho@zenopencircle.org.au with any questions or enquiries. 

Please note:  Originally offered as a two-day course, factors beyond our control affecting Saturday March 3 have led to our offering of the same course compressed into a longer single day (Sunday March 4 only) at significantly reduced cost.

Susan Murphy is a gifted leader in the new generation of Zen Masters…. She is anchored in the old Asian tradition but she is also helpful if you have the courage to want more than that. She shows how Zen and Western, along with older, native traditions, illuminate each other. She locates spiritual work where it has always really belonged – bang in the middle of whatever is happening.

Roshi John Tarrant

Pacific Zen Institute

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