New Year Weekend Retreat @ Cloud Mountain
Feb 4 – Feb 5 all-day

We invite you to join us for our first gathering retreat for the year.

A Zen Open Circle tradition is to open the year with a gathering at our zendo in Cloud Mountain, Berry. Surrounded by cliffs, clouds, frogs, and community we come together to practice sitting, walking, brushwork, swimming, eating, and more.

Please register to help us with planning

*Dana (a donation) is invited for teaching and dojo maintenance fund. 


10am: Morning tea provided by local sitters
10:30-1pm: Zazen and Koan Inquiry
1pm: BYO Lunch
2pm: Afternoon of quiet sitting, writing, brushwork options.
Supper Provided: BYO nice things to add to soup, bread, and spreads.
After supper: Meditation and dharma talk before bed.
BYO tent or sleep in the dojo. 

Early morning zazen and dokusan (interviews with the teacher)
Breakfast: Porridge, eggs, tea and coffee provided. BYO fruit to share.
Day: Maze walk and swim.
Lunch: Lunch at the pizza oven
1pm: Pack up and start for home…

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Melbourne Zen Group Sesshin
Apr 1 – Apr 8 all-day

Full details available soon! 

Zen Open Circle Autumn Sesshin – ‘Dark of the Moon’ @ Cloud Mountain
Apr 22 – Apr 29 all-day
Zen Open Circle Autumn Sesshin - 'Dark of the Moon' @ Cloud Mountain  | Berry | New South Wales | Australia

Zen Open Circle invites you to join us for our upcoming five day Autumn Sesshin – ‘Dark of the Moon’, with Roshi Susan Murphy.

Dates: Formal Sesshin 22-27 April / Optional Extension: 27-29 April 2017
Location: Cloud Mountain, Berry
Teacher: Roshi Susan Murphy
Closing date for registrations: 15 April 2017

Registration is essential: Click here to apply for this retreat now


Full time attendance: $350 + dana*
Full time concession: $300 + dana*
Full time attendance + Sesshin Extension: $470 + dana*
Full time concession + Sesshin Extension: $420 + dana*
Part time: $80 per day + dana*
Part time concession: $65 per day. + dana*

About this Sesshin – From Roshi Susan
‘The luminous mind we begin to embody together in sesshin is sometimes called ‘the moon of Mind’. ‘GEn’ (Sino-Japanese) is a word meaning ‘dark’ with the sense of ‘empty, everything seamless and equal’. The deep stillness and silence that softens into just being in a more complete way – this has its own dark around it, an eloquent, pregnant power to convey the empty fullness of reality. So the dark of the moon implies the intimacy of not-knowing.

Come join us, under the brilliant open sky of sesshin – that will include a period of calligraphy, a period of poetry, as well as the customary offer of the age-old form of sesshin – which is, ‘Why not just be?’

What is ‘Sesshin’?
Sesshin is a formal zen retreat. It is dedicated to the deep settling and clarifying of heart and mind. It offers the rare gift of the Dharma in a setting of silence and collective practice. Each sesshin incorporates zazen (sitting), kinhin (walking), silent work practice, and the chance to work closely with the teacher privately.

What does the Sesshin fee include?
Zen Open Circle is a not-for-profit organization. Apart from sesshin, our teacher Roshi Susan Murphy receives no payment at all for the generous time she devotes to teaching. Your Sesshin fee includes a contribution towards sesshin costs such as food, accommodation, consumables, insurance etc, with surplus funds from fees, if any, being put toward general ZOC revenue (from which Sesshin scholarships are drawn).

What is ‘dana’?
Dana is the practice of generosity and is central the life and sustainability of our community. With dana we celebrate the many ways in which we benefit from the great gift of existence and help to support each other’s work. As Roshi Susan does not receive formal payments for her teaching, it is customary that we offer dana in the form of money at the end of each retreat. This money helps to make possible the ongoing gift of Roshi’s teachings and is an acknowledgement of the special relationship between teacher and student. These offerings come from the heart and remain anonymous in nature. These offerings can be made in cash at the retreat, or via direct deposit (details provided during the application process).

Who’s art is that?
The painting on our Sesshin advertising is the work of Australian artist Mel Brigg. You can find out more about his work here:

Weekend Retreat (Sutra Study) @ Cloud Mountain
Jun 3 – Jun 4 all-day

Full details coming soon. 

Weekend Retreat (Landcare + Haiku) @ Cloud Mountain
Sep 2 – Sep 3 all-day

Full details coming soon. 

Zen Open Circle Spring Sesshin (7 Day) @ Cloud Mountain
Oct 7 – Oct 14 all-day

Our traditional weeklong Zen retreat. Very popular event! Register early!

Registration will open 3 months prior to the event.

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