Speaker: Roshi Susan Murphy
Date: March 2016
Occasion: Zen Open Circle Zazenkai
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Title: The Red Thread of Love

‘The red thread itself, searches our every part of what we are and what this is and says: include it. Understand it cannot be cut – we could not be here if it could be cut… it is pointing therefore to the undivided nature of reality, in fact. But pointing to it, as a human fact. Red thread – very human, very earthy, very embodied. It starts with a body – everything. As with no beings there would be no Buddha, as Hakuin tells us. Bodies are where practice and love begin.’

Roshi Susan Murphy embarks on a close examination of these words from the Buddha:

‘It is in this way that we must train ourselves, by the self through love. We will develop love. We will practice it. Will make it both a way and a basis. We will take our stand upon it. Store it up and thoroughly set it going.’

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