March 4, 2017 – March 5, 2017 all-day
Buddhist Library
Buddhist Library Ltd
90-92 Church St, Camperdown NSW 2050
$50/$35 Concession + Dana (see below)

Beginning Zen is our introductory one and a half day workshop that we offer twice a year.

This course is a rare and precious opportunity to step into the beginnings of zen practice with Roshi Susan Murphy. Ideal for those who are new to zen practice, and those who would like to begin again! Of course, you are also welcome to come and sit with the Zen Open Circle for the first time at any of our other events. This course provides a chance to study in a small group setting with time for discussion, questions, and interaction with the teacher. 

Saturday 4th / 1-5pm
Sunday 5th / 10am-4pm
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About the program: 

‘In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s there are few.’ – Shunryu Suzuki

Zen prizes ‘beginners’ mind’ – an open responsive awareness freed of habitual preferences and preconceptions.  To a non-judgmental mind the moment arrives fresh, nothing repeats, and there’s nothing to attain, for everything’s completely here.  But of course such open and immediate responsiveness is an attainment, a generous, open quality to the mind and what arises that’s endlessly discovered and honed in Zen practice.

Beginning Zen gives you a valuable road-map for Zen practice.  It includes:

  • a brief history of Zen Buddhism;
  • detailed introduction to the practice of zazen (seated meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation);
  • examination of the simple ritual form that exists to support practice;
  • exploration of shikantaza (‘just sitting’), koan practice, and the teacher-student relationship;
  • investigation of the vows and precepts that give ethical and spiritual strength to Zen practice;
  • and the opportunity next day to put what you’ve learned into practice in a Zazenkai (a full day of zazen and dharma inquiry)

Cost:  $50/$35 concession – to cover cost of hall hire and your copy of ‘Beginning Zen’ handbook (25pp).  Plus an offering of dana (donation, generosity)* for the teaching.

*In accordance with Buddhist tradition the teaching is offered to you as a gift (dana), opening the way for you to explore the heart-opening practice of generosity (dana) in return.

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