November 5, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Buddhist Library
Buddhist Library Ltd
90-92 Church St, Camperdown NSW 2050
Dana (Donation) for the teachings

Please join us for our final Zazenkai (Zen practice day) at the Buddhist Library in Sydney: ‘Warm fire, cool fire’

When: 10am-4pm, 5 November 2017
Where: Buddhist Library, 90-92 Church Street Campderdown (Sydney)
Cost: Dana (a donation for the teachings)
Please bring: A plate of shared food for lunch. 

Live broadcast (for those interstate): Click this link at 1:50pm on November 5th to watch the dharma talk live – https://zoom.us/j/269171142 

About this event
We invite you all to join us for this day of Zen practice. Together we will practice zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), listen to a talk from Roshi Susan Murphy, and share a meal together. Zazenkai brings us together, face-to-face, flesh and bones, and beyond our screens. Newcomers always welcome.

This Zazenkai is particularly special because it will be our last for the year and possibly the last for some time at this venue. If you have practiced with us in the past, we especially invite you to celebrate our long history at the Buddhist Library and join us for this day of practice. 

The theme of this Zazenkai will be ‘Warm Fire, Cool Fire’. 

Roshi Susan has drawn this title from the fine art of indigenous fire-stick forest management: a cultural practice that is unafraid of fire!

This practice speaks of ‘warm fire, and cool fire’.

The ‘cool fire’, or ‘cultural fire’, is the kind that keeps things alive, fruitful, rooted in the place where it can truly flourish.

The warm fire, is a hearth, a gathering place where you know yourself to have a home, here, with us. This is sangha – our community of practice. 

Sangha is family, and family is a spiritual ecosystem.

An ecosystem seeks to come into the harmonic of a forest at maturity. This forrest is a many-layered interweaving of soil, funghi, worms, insects, seeds, flowers, fruits, creatures and of course bushes, grasses, trees, and even epiphytes and parasites.  

Just as in sesshin (our formal retreats) where all things and all people work together to create and realise dharma, it’s the same in the wider sense of sangha.  

Keeping sangha alive and fruitful also needs the cool fires of watching, tending, and stimulating the life of what we share. What might a cool fire be in the interplay with the warm fire at the heart of sangha life? 

10:00am – Gather and help set up
10:30 – Zazen with an encouragement talk
11:00 – 12:30: 
12:30 – Shared lunch (please bring a plate to share)
1:30pm – Zazen
2:00 – Dharma Talk
3:30 – Closing ceremony
3:30 – Pack up. 
If you have time, please join us in the nearby park cafe for a coffee under the trees. 

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