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Event Details:

When: February 21, 10am-3:30pm
Where: The Buddhist Library, Camperdown. 90-92 Church St, Camperdown (Sydney)
All welcome. If you are new to Zen Open Circle, or have any questions, please contact Merran Dawson (


Our first zazenkai for 2016 is fast approaching, to be held at the Buddhist Library (Camperdown) on February 21 from 10am-330pm.

Zazenkai is a dedicated day of zazen, teisho (a talk from our teacher Susan Murphy Roshi), dokusan (private interviews with the teacher), a shared lunch, close sutra study and dharma inquiry (questions to the teacher). Everyone is welcome, from regular attendees to complete beginners.

This month’s zazenkai will be called, What’s love got to do with it? Susan Murphy Roshi writes:

‘Love’ is a word rarely sounded in the literature of Zen.  Perhaps it speaks more strongly in this silence, since the Way itself is love – a continuing and ever-unfolding act of love towards this life, this being, and the mystery of the ‘other’.

When the Buddha said, ‘It is in this way that we must train ourselves:  by the self through love.  We will develop love, we will practice it, we will make it both a way and a basis, take our stand upon it, store it up, and thoroughly set it going’, what do these great injunctions mean?  What do they ask of us? How do we respond?

In the morning Dharma talk at 10.30am, and the Deepening Zen close study and Dharma inquiry in the afternoon after lunch, we will begin to explore the ways in which love opens the Way and creates a practice for people to follow, in daily life.

As part of this process, the afternoon session will begin the first stage of a close study of the Great Vows, that will continue over several more Zazenkais as we move into the year.  Honolulu Diamond Sangha has recently conducted a translation project re-examining the original Sino-Japanese characters, and this will be our springboard into the process.

What’s love got to do with the Great Vows?  Pretty much everything, really!

Timetable for the day: 

10am  Arrive, help set up
10.30  Zazen with Dharma Talk
11-12.30 Zazen and Dokusan
12.30-1.15 Lunch (bring food to share)
1.15-1.30 Zazen
1.30-3.20 Deepening Zen: close study and Dharma inquiry
3.20 Closing, Great Vows
3.30 Pack up, clean up

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