When: 10-4pm, 29 May 2016
Where: 90-92 Church St Camperdown, The Buddhist Library

The great irish writer Samuel Beckett said, ‘Dear Incomprehension (or Unknowing) – thanks to you I’ll be myself in the end.’  And he wasn’t even a Zen student!

In the March Zazenkai, we delved into the power of life lived to a vow.  How does the wide, open response of not-knowing come together with the intentionality of a vow?  The open response that is our Zen practice is clearly not the slackness of ‘any old thing might happen’.  The vows that deepen and discover the mind of practice are in fiery relationship with the mind of ‘I don’t know’.  Thus we come to truly be ourselves in the end.

As Dongshan challenges us, in The Five Ranks:

Not deciding it is or it isn’t
Do you have the courage to be at peace with it?
Everyone wants to leave the endless changes.
But when we finish bending and fitting our lives
We come and sit by the fire.

So don’t miss this chance to come sit by the fire of some deep inquiry into the mind of practice – and discoveries – of the deeply subtle vow of not-knowing.


10:30am – Arrive and Setup
11:00am (sharp!) – Dharma Talk
11:30-1pm – Zazen and Dokusan
1-1:45pm – Shared Lunch (please bring a plate to share)
1:45 – Sutras and Dharma Inquiry
2:15-3:45 – Closing words
3:45 – Pack up

SPECIAL BONUS: 4pm  Practical introduction to Ceremony Leadership (the Ino role) for as many interested souls as possible.  Don’t spare the dharma assets – that is – yourselves!

If you are new to this practice you are still very welcome to attend. If you have any questions please contact us at zenopencirclecoms@gmail.com

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